Children also suffer from stress

Children also suffer from stress

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When talking about childhood stress, a lot of questions, concerns, doubts, and concerns arise. How do I know if my child is under stress? How to avoid or prevent it? What types of stress can attack children? Stress affects more and more children and must be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from turning into illness later. The signs that children are under stress are the same as those of adults with the difference that adults identify it but children do not.

The symptoms of childhood stress are very visible, most of the time. Children who are stressed often:

- Suffering from stomachaches and headaches, over and over again, as if they were something chronic.

- Appear more angry, irritable or explosive, but there are others who withdraw and are distracted and depressed.

- Present problems and disorders in eating. Many times they do not want to eat, and in others they eat but feel discomfort in their stomach.

- Present difficulties in falling asleep.

- Contract all kinds of disease and frequently.

The stress it can reach children in different ways and causes that reach adults. They only differ in intensity. The world, as well as everything that happens in it, for example, represents more threats to children than to adults. The rush, the hustle, the traffic jams, the excess of activities, the pressures, the news that is not always pleasant, scare children. Everything changes too fast and more often for them.

Natural disasters, parental divorce, the birth of a brother, change of house, sick relative, instability at home, loneliness, fears, death, as well as excessive pressure from parents and school due to good grades, the rush and demands, physical changes, and teasing from a classmate, are some of the various situations that can generate stress in children.

Stress is inevitable when children experience situations like these and find themselves with low self-esteem. For this reason it is very important that we provide our children with love, company and closeness. That we offer them a climate of security and trust. How? Talking to them about the good and the bad, giving them age-appropriate information about their emotions, the environment and social relationships. Showing interest in their thoughts, feelings, and reactions will also help them feel comfortable.

Apart from that, they should also be encouraged to eat healthily, and to do physical exercise or sports, regularly. And that they rest and relax, above all. What is NOT wise to do is downplay your feelings and abilities. We must encourage them to handle situations that they are capable of, but which they avoid. We have to treat them as the precious and valuable beings that they are.

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