Board games of chance for children

Board games of chance for children

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For those days when we can't go outside to play, we claim the benefits of traditional board games. Perhaps this way we will be able to wrest our children from the clutches of television or computers. The games of chance They are the best toys for the whole family to have fun.

Most board games share some characteristics such as strategy, luck, concentration or competition. That is why we find many benefits for children in these games of chance in which in addition to developing certain childhood skills, they also promote Family Fun or as a team.

Games of chance are dynamic games in which children share the funniest moments with other children or with their family. This is how friendships or family ties are fostered. But what we like the most about these board games is that they give our children one of their Fundamental Rights, which is the right to play and have fun.

- The bingo. The game of chance par excellence. Children and adults love to play bingo, a game where numbered balls are spun in a drum (or put in a bag). Each participant has a card with a series of numbers divided into lines. As numbers are drawn from the drum or bag, they are said aloud. The person who has that number on his card, crosses it out. The first to complete or cross out all the numbers on the card wins.

- The Forbidden Island. In this game, cooperation prevails over competition, which is always beneficial for children. It can play with family and it is one of the funniest board games because it consists of carrying out actions and tests to prevent the island from sinking.

- The goose game. One of the traditional games that are most successful among young and old is the game of the goose. And I shoot because it's my turn, the instructions are simple in this super fun board in which the purpose is to reach the final square first.

- The parchis. Again a game of the always it never gets old-fashioned. Most children start playing board games with Parcheesi, with four players, four colors and a journey on the board in which they have to try to eat the other's tiles and get home as soon as possible. A simpler version of this game is the ludo, which also has many followers among children.

- Stairs and snakes. With a dynamic similar to the game of the Goose, this game has been accompanying families for many generations. His funny illustrations are making him today a vintage toy willing to be revitalized for family activities.

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