The Dragon and Rasputin. Childish story

The Dragon and Rasputin. Childish story

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At the top of a hill, in a distant country, stood a beautiful castle that nobody wanted to go to. Not fear, but AWARE! its inhabitants felt when they looked there, and they heard howls and wails that did not let them sleep.

One day Rasputin, a clever, curious, and somewhat daring boy, wanted to try to climb the castle. He walked up the hill and as he got closer,… a certain fear he did feel, but nothing that didn't disappear whistling and humming.

When he was already upstairs, admiring such a beautiful place, in his infantile head he thought: "How bad can I find myself?"

He knocked slowly on the door because he did not want to disturb. And not getting an answer, he entered without contemplation.

He walked long corridors, crossed a large room, and there, curled up in a small armchair he was hiding ... a little dragon!

Rasputin froze. So that's what it was all about. It was that creature who lamented and cried.

- What's wrong dragoncito? Are you hungry? Are you cold?

- I'm afraid of being alone, the little dragon answered very sadly.

And Rasputin continued:
- And why don't you go out into the world? This is a beautiful country. If you lived with us you would feel happy.

And the desolate little dragon answered, moaning:
- Because I scare people. I am ugly, hairy and gray.

Rasputin took him slowly, stroked him, and said:
- Not a word more. You will come with me and you will see that when you meet everyone will love you.

And indeed, so it was, that the dragon grew up happy in that beautiful country.


This story has been sent by Rosa Herrera (Spain)

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