How to introduce singing into children's daily lives

How to introduce singing into children's daily lives

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For the smallest of the house it is a tremendous satisfaction to know how to hum, even if it is only a few syllables, the 'happy birthday' or 'the ducklings in the water' because even if it does not seem like it, learning to speak is closely related to the learning those first 'gorgoritos'.

By singing, children actively participate in adult affairs, imitate us, try to please us and feel that they are the center of attention ... This affects their self-esteem and their way of relating to the environment. By adding small gestures to their first songs, we will also be developing memory and motor skills. As they grow up, in addition to teaching them new songs, we would have to reinforce those that are already known so that they can interpret them more accurately and little by little teach them new pieces.

They must be repetitive and very simple both in rhythm and in melody. They will be easier for them to learn, and this will strengthen their self-confidence and thus encourage them to continue learning. We have a wide repertoire of popular children's songs that meet this pattern.

In addition to these songs known to all, it is good for you to become familiar with the C major scale. Teach it to him as if it were just another song, his hearing will gradually become with its rhythm and also the musical notes will be learned, helping to develop his ear and his interest in music.

This post has been a kind collaboration of Virginia Carmona, lyrical singer, actress.

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