Digestion cuts in children. What to do?

Digestion cuts in children. What to do?

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It is a basic recommendation: do not bathe in the pool or in the sea until two hours after the last meal. This statement is often a real torture not only for children, but also for parents who have to listen to constant complaints because their children cannot wait to dive into the water.

Everyone believes that bathing after eating can cause a digestion cut, although this is not entirely true, for it to occur, another circumstance must occur. In We explain what are digestion cuts and when a child can suffer one.

Digestion begins at the same time we begin to take any food, during this process, the body takes advantage of the necessary nutrients and removes waste. Digestion is cut off when this process stops suddenly and can occur for various reasons.

Why is digestion cut off?

One of them occurs when we bathe after eating, but this alone is not enough to cut off digestion. The cause of impaired digestion in children is the shock of cold water on the body. This shock can lead to unconsciousness by decreasing blood flow to the brain and causing you to pass out. The greatest risk is therefore drowning in those moments of unconsciousness.

What to do if the child's digestion is cut off?

Other symptoms of digestion cut go through a general malaise that includes vomiting, dizziness and nausea. If the child feels this way in the water, he should be taken out immediately and placed on the ground with his legs up. If he is already passed out, it would be necessary to remove him as soon as possible from the water and notify the emergency services. Until they arrive, the lifeguard is the person qualified to do a heart massage if necessary.

How to avoid a digestion cut

If the child has eaten copiously and the water is cold, all the more reason to allow a reasonable time before entering the water. Waiting for two hours to pass is the most convenient. Then it is advisable to get into the water little by little and first wet the wrists, ankles and the nape of the neck to accustom the body to the temperature of the water.

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