Is my son homosexual?

Is my son homosexual?

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A mother does not know what to do because at school, the teacher told her that her son is very intelligent, bold, but that he tends to be more inclined to play with girls than with boys. Another mom also has the same concern. Her son, from the age of four, tells her that he would like to be a girl, he does not like soccer, he dances effeminately and is always aware of what girls do, and he imitates them.

Actually, I think what mothers want to know is if their children are gay, or if they have a tendency to be. I wonder why the subject of sexuality is still talked about with so much confusion. Why don't we speak clearly about the matter? Children's sexual identity is also part of their development.

Little is yet known about homosexuality. All are questions. What criteria, what signs show us if a boy or a girl is homosexual?

Nothing is yet known about how boys come to behave like girls, or why they are attracted to people of the same sex. How they came to this sexual option is unknown.

Could it be that all the children who like to play with dolls, embroider, cook or play games? little mealsAre they gay? I, in particular, think not. Today, happily, the roles are continually changing.

Men do well in cooking, babysitting, sewing, and they don't always like the ball or soccer. Another question is what parents can do if they notice that their child has homosexual behavior. Can the sexual identity of children be changed or influenced? The first thing that children do, when they notice that they have different preferences from others, is to deny this difference. Then they think that it may be a temporary situation (and it can be), that over time it will change.

And then they will begin to doubt and argue with themselves about their acceptance. Parents go through the same process, and both need to find support and understanding, mainly within the family. I credit that we must always be by the side of our children, in any circumstance, helping them to accept themselves from a very young age. After all, what terrifies parents is not homosexuality, but what their child may suffer. Homosexuality is not a disease, it does not have a vaccine or treatment, however it can cause confusion in children.

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