Baby swimming class in videos

Baby swimming class in videos

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Swimming is one of the most complete sports activities, and is suitable for people of all ages. In this sport you work and exercise your muscles, motor coordination, and the circulatory and respiratory system. And it also contributes to the development of the child's independence and self-confidence. For babies, the benefits are many.

Swimming improves the cardiorespiratory capacities of the baby, favors his postural alignment, and benefits his muscular coordination, developing his sensory and psychomotor capacities.

Baby's first contact with water. First contact with the water of a baby, initiation to the aquatic activity. Sensory stimulation in infants, psychomotor development, fear of water. Midwifery swimming with parents, exercises in the water. In this video we will tell you the benefits of playing in the water for the development of the baby.

Learning and mastering water. Learning exercises and mastery of the aquatic environment of a 17-month-old baby. Initiation to aquatic activity with stimulation exercises. Sensory stimulation in babies, psychomotor development and loss of fear of water. Matronation. Swimming with parents and water exercises for babies.

Matronation, step by step. Benefits of midwifery for the baby. First contact with a baby's water. How to stimulate babies in an aquatic environment. Discover in this video what exercises you can do with your baby in the water.

How to familiarize babies with water. What should be the first contact of small babies, under 1 year old, with water. In this video, a swimming instructor gives us tips and ideas to make this contact satisfactory for parents and babies. As you must become familiar with the water, initiation in the pool.

How the baby's first contact with water should be. How the baby's first contact with water should be. Importance of safety and play in your first learning in the water. Children's pool for children and babies. Children's swimming, aquatic stimulation. Care to consider when the baby begins its first learning in the water.

How often to take children to the pool. What is the ideal frequency to take the children to the pool, how many sessions are necessary for the child to get used to the aquatic environment and learn to control and float in the water. In this video, a monitor and expert in children's swimming answers all the questions about babies and water.

Recommended materials for children in the pool. In this video, a monitor and expert in children's swimming in the pool, recommends materials and aquatic elements for the safety of children in the water, explaining the evolution according to the development of learning. What material to have to teach children to swim.

Benefits of aquatic initiation in babies. What are the benefits of midwifery and contact with water for babies and young children? Close affective bonds with their parents and brings many benefits to the health and development of the baby. Swimming for children fully recommended, paddling pool

Exercises in the water with material. Learning exercises and mastery of water for a 17-month-old baby, introduction to aquatic activity and stimulation exercises. Swimming with parents. Exercises in the water.

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