Three Friends Chocolates. A real chocolate!

Three Friends Chocolates. A real chocolate!

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Autumn will be sweeter and more exquisite for children if we prepare this tasty and attractive sweet, made with chocolate and with what is richer in this season: almonds, peanuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts.

Nuts are very rich in vitamin D, excellent for children's skin, while chocolate is very rich in antioxidants. Of course it cannot be abused.

We offer you a very easy recipe to prepare, for a family afternoon, for dessert or a birthday party.

  • 500 gr. chocolate fondant in tablet
  • 500 gr. roasted hazelnuts
  • Glazed paper

Tips: Apart from hazelnuts, you can also add almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts or even seedless raisins. If you like, you can also add pine nuts.

Very rich!

1- Remove the skin from the toasted hazelnuts by rubbing them between a kitchen towel. Then, pass them through a strainer until all the skins fall off. Reserve.

2- Break the pieces of chocolate fondant and put them in a saucepan. Melt it in a water bath, making sure that the water does not boil.

3- Dip the hazelnuts in the melted chocolate and mix everything.

4- With the help of a spoon, scoop out three hazelnuts together with a little of the melted chocolate.

5- Arrange the piles one next to the other, separated, on a glazed paper.

6- Finally, let them cool so that the hazelnuts stick together when the chocolate solidifies.

And we already have some delicious chocolates for dessert or the children's snack. They are sure to love them.

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