The good lion king. Aesop's Childhood Fables

The good lion king. Aesop's Childhood Fables

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Aesop's fables are very popular with children as they are short and entertaining. In children's stories children will find valuable lessons that serve to educate in values ​​such as honesty or solidarity.

Children's stories help develop your children's imagination and creativity. With fables, children will discover morals, very interesting little lessons in the form of funny stories.

There was a lion who was not angry, nor cruel, nor violent, but tractable and just like a good creature, who became the king.

Under his reign a general meeting of the animals was held to apologize and receive mutual satisfaction: the wolf gave peace to the lamb, the panther to the camel, the tiger to the deer, the fox to the hare, etc.

The shy hare then said:

- I have yearned ardently to see this day arrive, so that the weak may be justly respected by the stronger.

And immediately he ran the best he could.

Moral: When justice is practiced in a State, the humble can live in peace ..., but they should not abide.

If you know any other fable for children and want to share it with us and the other parents, we will be delighted to receive it.

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