Underwear for pregnant women

Underwear for pregnant women

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Pregnancy is one of the most important moments in the lives of women and it comes loaded with changes both physically and psychologically as well as in the routine and habits of future mothers.

One of the frequent doubts that pregnant women usually have is the correct choice of clothing and footwear for this period, not only regarding sizes, but also in the quality of fabrics and, of course, the type of underwear.

Physical changes do not usually appear until three months pregnant, but the breasts can increase already from the first weeks and can even present a sensation of pain and swelling.

The bras that are used during this period should avoid a sagging of the breast, mainly due to the increase of various sizes and the modifications that the breast undergoes for future lactation.

For this reason, it is advisable to buy special bras for pregnant women, which provide good support and reduce discomfort. The most recommended is that they are reinforced at the bottom of the cup and have wide straps, similar to those used in sports.

Regarding the fabric, it is advisable that they be of cotton and seams and lace that can rub against the breast and nipple are avoided. For the nights, there are more elastic night bras, special for pregnancy.

The panties used by pregnant women must meet two premises, which be comfortable and that they do not adjust their body too much, especially in the abdominal area. Therefore, the material recommended by the experts is cotton.

Many women prefer to use low-cut briefs that are held below the abdomen, while others feel more comfortable with special girdles for pregnant women that cover the entire belly area.

Although many of these intimate pieces may seem very unsexy, the truth is that today brands are concerned with enhancing the sensuality of pregnant women and there are multiple models comfortable and pretty.

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