Traveling with children. Family tourism

Traveling with children. Family tourism

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Traveling is always an exciting experience at any stage of life, but if we do it with children it can become an unpredictable adventure. It all depends on the age of the child and on his own nature, on whether he is calm, thoughtful, gluttonous, hyperactive, whiny ...

Of course, we spend a lot of the time of our lives on the way somewhere - life itself is a transit - and I know several mothers who no longer include the baby carriage in their pre-birth purchases and do include the basket for travel insurance in the car.

Of course, the plane is the most recommended means of transport for its safety and speed but, depending on the destination, the experience can be equally difficult as it will require the child to spend several hours sitting in the same place or in a very limited space.

Many airlines and train companies, aware of how dangerous it can be to have a child on board, have incorporated programs to keep them occupied: notebooks and coloring pencils and even educational 'walks' around the plane with the flight attendants. When you book the ticket, do not forget to inform them that you will be traveling with a child. The airline will be able to take this into account in its planning, and help you with some details, for example, which place is most comfortable for your child's age, and what foods should be included in the on-board service.

Many passengers spend the time of the trip watching the films broadcast in the closed circuit of the plane, but these are almost never suitable for children, so if you have a portable DVD equipment it would be a good idea to take it along with the favorite videos of your son. You can also bring toys that don't overload your hand luggage or disturb the rest of the passengers, or children's books to share during the flight.

Another tip is that you take advantage of the ease that almost all airlines provide to allow passengers with children to get in first, this will allow you to find your place without rushing and you will not risk walking through a narrow corridor full of adults trying to get comfortable. Do not try to keep the child sitting all the time, talk to him, play, let him get up from time to time, and allow him to interact without making the plane or train an amusement park.

Do not force him to eat, the food they distribute on airplanes may not be to the liking of the little one, you just have to be aware that he drinks water, milk or juices. When the plane lands you will take care of the rest. The moments of take-off and landing often cause hearing discomfort that you have probably experienced at some time and that in children can be particularly acute.

In this case, entertain him by singing or talking and, above all, remain calm during those minutes so as not to alarm the little one. A good resource is to give him a pacifier, allow him to approach the window and let him surprise himself discovering the world from above.

Hope Diaz. Copywriter

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