Benefits of food according to its color in children and pregnant women

Benefits of food according to its color in children and pregnant women

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Fruits and vegetables can be grouped according to colors. There are red, blue, purple, orange foods ... Those responsible for giving these colors to fruits and vegetables are called phytonutrients.

Each food group, according to its color, provides a series of benefits to the body, both in children and pregnant women. But be careful, because they can also be harmful at some point (for example in pregnancy or in the first months of the baby's development).

Carrots and pumpkins are a source of vitamin A, essential to take care of the health of the skin and eyes. However, in pregnant women, it should be taken with caution, because an excess of vitamin A can be detrimental to the development of the fetus.

Green leafy foods like spinach provide us with fiber and vitamins, but you have to be careful with babies. It is not recommended to include it in the diet of children under 1 year of age due to the presence of nitrates.

Purple and blue foods boost memory, and red foods are antioxidants. You want to know more?

Purple and blue foods. We tell you what benefits blue and purple foods have for your body and for your child's body. You also have properties for pregnant women.

Green foods. Green foods provide fiber and many vitamins to the body. We talk about its properties and advantages for both children and pregnant women.

Orange and yellow foods. Orange and yellow foods provide children and pregnant women with large doses of vitamin A. It also has an anti-inflammatory power. But they have many more benefits. We will tell you.

Red foods. Red foods provide us with vitamins and antioxidants that are essential during childhood. We explain what types of red foods you should always include in your child's diet.

White foods. What are the benefits of white foods for both children and pregnant women. Advantages of incorporating white foods such as cauliflower, white beans or apples, in the weekly menu.

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