Ballerina tutu. Costume crafts

Ballerina tutu. Costume crafts

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Do you want to make your daughter a colorful skirt or tutu? In We show you how to make this beautiful accessory for a ballerina, fairy or princess costume.

It is a very easy children's craft to make and requires very few materials. We have developed a very basic tutu model but you can do it with other colors, decorating it with pailletes or any other reason that you like. Do you dare to try it?

  • Colorful tulle
  • Pair of scissors
  • Elastic rubber

Tip: If you want to make a longer ballerina skirt, cut long strips and, if you want it to have a very puffy effect, add many strips of tulle. If you like you can also stick decorative motifs on the skirt.

1. Cut strips of the tulle fabric to the thickness you like best.

2. Leave a piece of the rubber band free to tie the final knot. Take one of the tulle strips and tie a knot around the rubber band. Take tulle of another color and repeat the same process. Depending on how thick you want to have the tutu, put more or less tulle.

3- Tie the elastic band around the girl's waist and ... she can dance!

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