Our Lady of Magdalena Day, July 22. Names for girls

Our Lady of Magdalena Day, July 22. Names for girls

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Magdalena is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means 'tower of God'. Today the name has become somewhat detached from the religious tradition that connected it directly with the life of Jesus, so it can be ideal for any girl.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange, but rather familiar and it is one of those names that are worth saving. Celebrate your name day July 22, which is the day of the Magdalena.

Due to the meaning of her name Magdalena has an enigmatic personality that makes her a natural seducer. Magdalena triumphs in social relationships due to her sweet character and her generosity, since she does not hesitate to support her friends in any circumstance. In addition, Magdalena possesses an alert intelligence and enjoys professional recognition.

The name Magdalena is known throughout the world thanks to biblical tradition. We know its French variant Madeleine and its diminutives Magda and Maud, but we especially like one of its most attractive varieties, Malena. In any case, it is a name with great strength that highlights the beauty of any girl.

The prestige that surrounds Magdalena thanks to the Palacio de la Magdalena, located in Cantabria, Spain, may help you choose the baby's name.

But we also know many women of character who are named after your daughter, such as Princess Magdalena of Sweden or actresses Madeleine Stowe and Malena Alterio. Furthermore, we cannot forget one of Almudena Grandes' best novels, 'Malena es un nombre de tango'.

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