Sunglasses for children and babies, yes or no?

Sunglasses for children and babies, yes or no?

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Many parents wonder if their children should wear sunglasses. Ophthalmology specialists do not agree, some specialists are recommended and others are not necessary. What is true is that the latest studies tell us that it is important to protect the visual system of babies, to take care of their eyes from a young age in a balanced way, that is, only for very intense sun exposures.

It is not necessary for babies or children to go out with sunglasses in the street in any circumstance, but it is recommended that they use them for very intense exposures to the sun, such as the moments spent on the beach or going to the snow.

But in everyday life in the case of babies or young children it is not necessary. The reason for this has a medical basis, and it is that it is very important that light enters the eye of children so that those cells of the retina at the back of the eye develop and gradually become accustomed to sunlight.

If this does not happen and the child begins to use sun glasses from early childhood, for any type of sun exposure, whether intense or mild, photophobia could develop in later stages. Photobophy consists of the rejection of sunlight, it is an abnormal intolerance to light, typical of people with albinism or some visual disease.

In conclusion: sun glasses for children and babies should only be used for intense sun exposure, but never for everyday life.

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