Exercises to stimulate children's memory

Exercises to stimulate children's memory

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If there is something very important in the life of every person, it is to have a good memory. Being able to establish these memory parameters is relevant from childhood, so knowing how to stimulate our children in this area is as or more important than the fact that they learn other types of subjects.

When we talk about stimulation, we always have to keep in mind that it is important to carry it out in children practically from birth, since this will encourage their abilities to be promoted from the first moments of childhood.

Therefore, as with psychomotor skills, for example, we can think of helping our children to stimulate your memory. Getting them to exercise it will make their study capacity higher as time passes, they will be able to assimilate and relate concepts quickly and easily, and also make their mind go ahead.

For this, it is necessary that in addition to what they can learn on their own, we have in mind certain exercises or activities that will help precisely to your memory improves since they are very young.

- The game of shapes: For a child to remember or memorize easily, it is necessary for them to get used to exercising their photographic memory. To do this, we can play with them to establish different geometric shapes such as drawings on some pictures, that they look at them for a few seconds and then try to remember all the possible details.

- The lyrics of the songs: It may sound simple, but learning more than just the chorus of a catchy song takes work, and certainly time. To get memorize the stanzas having a song contributes to memory improvement in both children and adults.

- The association game: to know how to establish the relationship between some and other issues, it is necessary that we help our children to know how to associate concepts. For this, we can play with them to the association Through a card game, in which they have to choose those that are the same color, perhaps that have the same numbers or even similar drawings that are part of the same 'family', such as trees, flowers, houses ...

- The story game: Children usually have favorite stories, which they want to be read continuously by their parents. In order to stimulate their memory, we can intentionally add details that did not appear the previous times, in order to correct us and detect which parts were not in the other times that we have read the story to them.

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