How to prevent hemorrhoids in pregnancy

How to prevent hemorrhoids in pregnancy

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Hemorrhoids are varicose dilations of the hemorrhoidal plexuses. They can range from virtually unnoticed to terribly symptomatic and require medication and surgery.

Pregnancy and childbirth, together with genetic inheritance, intestinal transit disorders and aging itself, are two of the main factors that favor its appearance. It is very common for them to appear during pregnancy or, if they have appeared before, they worsen symptoms. This is due to several causes:

- Increased intra-abdominal pressure and compression of the plexuses.

- Increased frequency of constipation.

- Vasodilation due mainly to hormones.

Hemorrhoids They can be of 2 types: internal or external. The internal ones are those that are inside the anus. The external ones are under the skin that surrounds the anus. And within the external there are degrees ranging from I-IV, the latter being the most serious.

During the second stage of labor, due to pushing and increased pressure in the area, hemorrhoids can worsen dramatically.

Among the symptoms it can produce are bleeding, pain, anal itching and inflammation. In some cases, clots can form within them and thrombose, in the case of an external thrombosis it causes very acute pain. How to prevent them during pregnancy ?:

1. It is important to maintain a correct bowel habit, consult your midwife to develop a diet appropriate to your needs and the supplements that you can take during pregnancy and breastfeeding that do not harm your health and that of your baby.

2. Avoid standing too long or carrying weight. Women who lead sedentary lives are also more affected by this problem.

3. Avoid synthetic underwear.

4. Avoid toilet paper with perfume or coloring.

5. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol and coffee ...

6. Take sitz baths frequently, avoiding very cold water.

7. Avoid self-medicating with antihemorrhoids, consult your midwife beforehand.

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