Beauty and the Beast. Children's Stories

Beauty and the Beast. Children's Stories

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Beauty and the Beast It is a traditional tale that is part of the great collection of European children's stories. Although there are several versions of the novel, the best known is that of the Frenchman Villeneuve. The play has been so successful that several versions have even been made in the theater and even on the big screen. thanks to the Disney factory.

In Guiainfantil We show you a short version of Beauty and the Beast so you can read it together with your children during free time or before going to bed.

Long ago there was a good and beautiful young woman, whom the locals called Bella. Calling her that was nothing but an expression of admiration for the girl's physical and spiritual perfection.

The young woman's father, a wealthy merchant, fell overnight, in the saddest misery. So father and daughter, used to the comfort that wealth brings, watched their friends from the good old days now drift away.

One fine day when the father decided to take a trip to a fair, but unfortunately he got lost in the forest. Night came and, with a multitude of shadows and noises pursuing him, he found a huge palace.

He knocked on the door and, as no one answered, entered the palaceHe went through a lot of luxurious corridors, until he reached a splendid table that was served and he ate as much as he could. When his hunger was satisfied, he chose a large, soft bed and went to sleep.

The next day, when continuing the tour of the palace, found in the stable a perfectly prepared horse. He mounted it and, leaving the stately mansion, quietly drove away.

As soon as he had advanced a distance, he found a beautiful garden, full of exotic and aromatic flowers. Unable to resist the temptation to pick up, he got off his horse and plucked a pretty flower to take to Bella, his daughter. As soon as the flower plucked, the ground began to shake and a creepy beast appeared, saying:

- Fool! I give you the delight of seeing and feeling these flowers, and you steal them from me! You will die!

The man replied:

- Owner of these domains: I never believed I would hurt to pick up a beautiful flower to bring to my desolate daughter.

The Beast angrily replied:

- I am the beast! But since you have a daughter, if she wants to die in your place, rejoice, you will be safe and sound.

Bella, warned by a good fairy, went to the palace and, despite her father's pleas, he insisted to stay in it.

But, the Beast, far from tearing the young lady to pieces, looked at him kindly. So the entire palace arranged it for her. Only the eventual presence of the monster disturbed her calm. Thus, the first time the Beast entered his rooms, he believed he died of terror. But over time, he got used to their unpleasant company.

Beast, he began to feel something towards Bella, but she was not convinced by his way of being. As the days went by, Beast changed his way of being and acting. Bella saw more and more that she had an insurmountable inner beauty and that behind that ugly appearance there was a huge heart.

They got to know each other more and more, and after a long time, they began to love each other. Both ended up declaring their love and, immediately, a miracle happened:the Beast transformed into a handsome prince. And he exclaimed completely happy:

- Bella, my beautiful Bella! I was a prince condemned to live in the guise of a monsterUntil a beautiful young woman agreed to be my wife. Now that this has happened, I lay at your feet, along with my deep love, my riches.

At that moment, Bella gave him her hand and made him stand up. And looking at each other lovingly, both they clasped in a long, tight embrace. And, of course, they got married and were very happy.


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