Favorite son

Favorite son

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This is a subject that at least is quite tricky because no parent will admit (at least in front of their children) that they have a favorite child. Or at least they shouldn't. They say that favorite children do not exist but sometimes there are parents who do openly say that they have a favorite child, something that can undoubtedly be just as harmful for all children, both for the favorites and for the 'underdogs'.

It is not something that should be said but it happens, although it is also true that all children love each other very much. When you have an only child, you think that when the brother is born, how is it possible that you can love one child as much as you love the first? Well yes, you can.

Favoritism is difficult to handle but you have to be consistent, for example if a child is asked to do homework for another sibling because he is sick, this is not favoritism. On the other hand, when one child has to do housework while the other plays and does nothing and the parents allow it, it is certainly favoritism. When a child gets good grades and has an award, it is not favoritism, when a child does not deserve an award and gets it, we are again facing favoritism.

Favoritism in children can manifest itself in many other ways, for example, if there is a fight between siblings, the father will always be on the side of a particular brother and the other will receive more punishments or reprimands even if he does not deserve it. Parents can boast of a particular child while the other only recriminate his faults without taking into account his achievements ... or even compare them to each other, in front of them!

Some reasons that can cause favoritism in parents they can be:

1. The order of birth. The oldest child may be the most loved because he is the first or the youngest because he is the most pampered. Sometimes parents may also favor a child who has the same birth order as their own due to experiences with siblings.

2. The gender. It depends on the gender that the parents want in the family, they can unconsciously choose the one they preferred in pregnancy.

3. The personality. Personality also influences parental favoritism because they may prefer to spend more time with a sociable and talented child than one who is more rebellious or 'junk'.

That parents have favorite children is something painful for siblings, for this reason, as parents, you will have to be consistent enough to be able to love your children equally, because love in the heart is not divided, it multiplies.

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