How is the eldest son

How is the eldest son

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Older siblings are for younger siblings as something sweet and sour at the same time that they cannot reach enough, but they are also the most important thing they can have as siblings (something that is totally reciprocal between siblings). Older siblings are the synonym for example and responsibility.

Being the older brother of a family means receiving all the attention of parents, grandparents and other family members for a certain time, so perhaps when the arrival of a baby brother approaches it can be a very difficult transition moment. In a child who has been an only child for a long time, he usually sees his life change almost completely.

It is important that when the older brother from being an only child, to avoid becoming a child with emotional problems, the parents talk with him about their feelings, about the new life, about their role in the family and above all, they will have to help you understand your feelings and respect each of your emotions.

- The older brother in the family will be a reference model for the other siblings as they will be able to learn things more quickly thanks to the older brother doing it before.

- Will have a greater weight of responsibility than the rest of the brothers because of being the first-born and he will feel that his parents demand more from him than from others.

- Being the firstborn will help you to feel more important, but as long as you have had a good transition as soon as the arrival of the brother, a moment that can be too hard and complicated.

- Sibling comparisons can also appear, something very dangerous that can harm the relationship between siblings by creating an unhealthy rivalry and negatively attacking the self-esteem of the child being compared.

- The older brother is the example for younger siblings, so you will feel the excessive pressure of their behavior. Something that parents must control so that the child does not feel any injustice for being the older brother.

From the parents' position, it is important to talk with the older brother and make him feel the importance of his role in the family, but without judging him and above all, without making him feel pressure to be an example for the siblings. Good examples and role models do not have to be the children, but it will always be the father figures who have the responsibility of being the best role model for each of the children.

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