What is the psychoballet for children

What is the psychoballet for children

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If we often talk about the need for children to practice some sport, today we discover a different discipline which combines sport, the performing arts and piscotherapy and is aimed primarily at children with behavior problems and children with physical or mental disabilities.

Psychoballet is a discipline originally from Cuba specially designed to help children with special needs. In addition to the ballet practice that we all know, the theatricalization of the choreography and the supervision of the classes by psychotherapists are added. A full-fledged therapy that mixes physical exercise with the performing arts and has countless benefits for children.

The question we ask ourselves isHow can you help psychoballet to children with special needs? Although it is not yet a well-known discipline, the psychoballet is of great help for children and adolescents with behavioral problems, for hyperactive children and also for children with physical or mental disabilities.

Through psychoballet, children learn to develop those skills for which they have the most difficulties. The originality of the therapy but, above all, with the impulse of creativity, children with special needs can find their way of expression and feel more secure. By practicing the psychoballet, motor, sensory and psychic abilities are stimulated according to the needs of each child.

For practical purposes, progress is being observed, such as learning to dress, play an instrument, discover how to relax and, ultimately, become more autonomous. The psychoballet is not only physical activity, it is not only an artistic manifestation, but it is a whole rehabilitation program to improve the quality of life of children with special needs.

But more importantly, the psychoballet is aimed at teaching children the power of improvement. Children with disabilities discover that they have more potential than they could imagine and learn to develop all their abilities. Similarly, children with behavior problems find in the psychoballet a means of channeling their emotions in a healthy way and a place where they feel integrated.

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