Amblyopia in children: patch vs vision therapy

Amblyopia in children: patch vs vision therapy

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Amblyopia can be treated in different ways. Actually the most widespread treatment or that perhaps the parents are most familiar with is the treatment through the patch, that is, total occlusion. It is about trying to ensure that the good eye receives absolutely no light, so that the bad eye can try to see well and therefore gain that visual acuity that will allow to see details.

However, behavioral optometry does not contemplate this option for the lazy eye, but rather offers other treatments so that the two eyes can work together.

Optometry opts for a different treatment than ophthalmology for amblyopia. Optometrists believe that if you cover one eye, your brain is at no time learning to work with both eyes.

For them there are other types of treatments:

- The vision therapy, that begins to be known more and more, in which an attempt is made to evaluate which is the origin of the lazy eye or which are the abilities that are reduced to be able to carry out a more personalized treatment. What is done are visual exercises dedicated to improving the bad eye's ability to focus.

- Contact lenses: In case the problem is not the focus but the problem is that the graduation of both eyes is very different, in the end the brain tries to unite these two images. If one image is clearly of a lower quality than the other, the brain will only keep the good image, so it is very possible that that bad eye will grow more and more. Behavioral optometrists are in favor of wearing contact lenses over glasses in these cases. They understand that the contact lens is not a simple aesthetic method but rather a treatment, and as such, we must assess what are the benefits that it will provide and if there is any type of contraindication. Therefore, in addition to exercises with the eyes, contact lenses would be another method of treatment.

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