Baby massage strengthens the emotional bond with parents

Baby massage strengthens the emotional bond with parents

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Therapeutic massages for babies are part of a preventive program that provides a touch of love from the beginning. Baby massage strengthens the emotional bond with parents. Understanding the benefits of infant massage can improve the quality of parenting and promote the well-being of both parents and babies.

Infant massage contains certain critical bonding elements such as eye contact, mutual smiles, soft sounds, loving touch, caresses, smells, and mutual interaction. Studies show that this union increases parental attachment, as well as the desire to nourish and care for your baby. These interactions increase the biochemical pleasure in the child's brain, thus strengthening the neural pathways associated with pleasure and motivation, strengthening the parent's bond with the baby, and the baby's bond with its parents.

1. Maintains a loving and intimate communication.
2. Improve the bond with their parents.
3. Promotes social, emotional and cognitive development.
4. Helps baby relax and releases tension from daily stimuli.
5. Reduces gas, colic and intestinal difficulties.
6. Promote baby's sleep.
7. Strengthens and regulates the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular, digestive and endocrine systems.

1. Promotes a better understanding of baby's signals.
2. Improve communication and emotional ties.
3. Increases confidence in parental manipulation skills towards the baby.
4. Provides a quality of one-to-one interaction.
5. Help parents rest and relax.
6. Increase vocalization and direct eye contact.
6. Give parents a special time to connect and bond with their child.

- Facilitates and promotes weight gain in premature newborns.
- Reduces the production of the stress hormone (cortisol).
- Counteracts the response to pain.
- Provides greater parental involvement and satisfaction.
- Promotes a more mature motor behavior of the baby.
- Improves the immune system. Helps reduce hospital stay.

For babies
Infant massage is an emerging practice in today's world, which has motivated researchers to study the emotional and therapeutic benefits of massage. Massaging babies is a great source of tactile stimulation. A classic study, conducted at the Research Institute Touch Research Institute, showed that premature babies stimulated with a daily massage had an average weight gain of more than 47 percent per day, that they were more active and alert during the sleep-wake cycle, and they showed more motor maturity, better spatial orientation -time, and better performance on the Brazenton scale than babies who did not receive massage.

To the parents
The spread in the teaching of infant massage is due to the positive results of research, and thanks to our fast-paced, changing lifestyles and the great desire of parents to provide better care for their babies and children.

Baby massage strengthens the affective bond with parents and is demonstrated in situations in which both parents work, daily massage helps to compensate for the separation, in order to re-establish the bond between both and thus be able to provide quality intimate time, that is so necessary in this period of life of our children.
For parents, who often do not have the time or opportunity for parenting, creating and maintaining a physical bond with their baby is particularly important. Mutual interaction offers both the child and the parents more confidence in themselves, and the power to have a special quality time together.

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