Christmas in London. Travel as a family

Christmas in London. Travel as a family

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London is one of the most beautiful European cities to travel at Christmas with children. Christmas in London is dazzling, its streets are filled with lights and decorations, we find a multitude of markets and ice skating rinks, among other activities.

Families with children can find London an ideal destination for the Christmas holidays. Travel as a family to London and you will find a city filled with snow and lights. In any of its corners you can find Santa Claus hidden.

1. Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. It has been wearing since 1947. It is a symbol for the British. Its large dimensions surprise both children and their parents and offers a great Christmas show. Going with the children and singing Christmas carols around this tree is a mandatory stop on the route through London.

2. Ice skating at Tower of London. From November 17 to January 6. Families traveling to London for Christmas can ice skate with the Tower of London in the background. An ideal activity for a Christmas afternoon.

3. Christmas in Covent Garden. On November 10, Christmas comes to this London market. In it we highlight the choir that will sing Christmas carols until December 15. You can also enjoy Christmas food, see a giant LEGO Advent calendar and the children's favorite activity, pet a Santa Claus reindeer that will be taking a walk through Convent Garden at this time.

4. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Winter's paradise with the London Eye in the background. Children can ride the giant Ferris wheel and ice skate, while parents enjoy the lights and the London Christmas scenery.

5. Southbank Market. It is one of the 60 most traditional Christmas markets or markets. It opens its doors from November 16 to December 24. Santa Claus usually walks through it and it is also a perfect place to buy handmade Christmas gifts. It also has a very interesting Christmas gastronomic offer.

In addition, the entire offer of Christmas activities in London isfree. So if you dare to visit Christmas in London or you are thinking of coming with your children to London, you know what you can do with them.

Paula Guinot. Editor of our site

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