What it takes to ensure the well-being of children

What it takes to ensure the well-being of children

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In the report Child welfare in rich countries, UNICEF analyzes the well-being of children in 29 countries, assumed to be some of the most advanced economies on the planet. It is surprising to read some data in this report, such as that Spain is in position 19 and has one of the higher levels of child poverty, surpassed by the United States.

This has led me to wonder: How do you measure the well-being of a child?What does a child need to enjoy well-being? In reality, data are collected on family income, health at birth, the type of house in which they live, their diet, contact with risk behaviors such as smoking, drinking or bullying, the schooling rate according to different ages or the infant mortality rate.

I have tried to answer these questions in my personal case: do my children enjoy well-being? The answer is that my children, fortunately, do have a well-being: they have a home, they are in school, well fed, well cared for, we take care of their health and they do not have contact with risky behaviors such as fights or bad health habits.

My children are lucky, they do not belong to that percentage of children who live in poverty. Since I was little I could see on television images of the famine in third world countries, but now, the news is in our own cities. We live in developed countries and we have the child poverty just around the corner. Currently, many children in developed countries do not enjoy sufficient well-being, this indicates that a rich country is not always a country that guarantees the well-being of its population in general and, of children, in particular.

So is child poverty avoidable? Can we guarantee the rights of children? The conclusion that I can draw from this report is that child poverty often depends on the measures and policies a government takes, since in the end, they all have their impact on children. Therefore, child poverty is not inevitable.

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