Why children should not use the mobile at school

Why children should not use the mobile at school

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This can be a debate between parents and professionals. There are those who defend that students should have mobiles in class because they must be prepared for adult life and that therefore they will have to learn to live with a mobile just like adults do. But other professionals and the reality is that children should not use the mobile phone at school.

When a child studies, he must avoid any type of distraction and that includes the mobile (at home and at school). Study is time for concentration and a mobile with everything you can do today is more of a game for a child than a communication tool. But, are there more reasons why children should not use the mobile at school? Yes, and they are quite a few.

1. Avoid consumerism. Today phone companies create children's mobiles to get their attention and increase sales. They don't care about the negative effects on childhood, they just want to sell.

2. Lack of discipline in class. Many teachers complain about the lack of discipline in class due to mobiles. Children who bring mobiles to school do not pay attention and play with their phones during school hours.

3. Less concentration. By not paying attention in class, his concentration is not where it should be because he is on his mobile and not in studies.

4. Status symbol that hurts students. Having a better mobile for children begins to be a status symbol (when it is more modern, elegant…) and increases the prestige among students and classmates. They can produce undesirable changes in your lifestyle and in your relationship with others.

5. Sedentary. At recess time, instead of playing creative activities or promoting hobbies, they prefer to be sitting playing on the phone, which is very damaging to both their social life and an active life.

6. There may be a misuse. There is a high probability that there is a misuse of the mobile and that they send and receive vulgar, hurtful and even offensive messages, photos or videos. In addition, children can access adult websites with inappropriate content.

It is very important that parents are aware of all this. These parents will need to take action to ensure the safety of the child Therefore, children must be warned and protected so that they are aware of the dangers of mobile phones, their use (with advantages and disadvantages) and set clear rules for their use.

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