The fears of moms and dads

The fears of moms and dads

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We all have fears, right? This feeling that makes us lose sleep, that makes our hair stand on end, that twists our stomach or that leaves us breathless, we all feel: children, mothers and fathers ...

Fear exists especially in the face of the unknown. According to the comments that readers make to our articles, the fears of fathers are different from those of mothers. Men believe that being a mother is part of a woman's own nature, and that this is an advantage. What do you think?

In the first year of a baby's life, mothers' fears are concentrated:

- Whether the delivery will be normal, by cesarean section, if there will be complications, methods such as episiotomy, those little things.

- Whether or not she will have milk, or if she will be able to breastfeed her baby.

- Who your baby will stay with when you have to return to work.

More than fear, I would say that mothers have concerns, and we want, like fathers, that our baby is 100 percent well, and that nothing and no one break this stage of knowledge and fulfillment.

Parents, on the other hand, confess that their fears are inevitable and natural. Parents, and it is good to say that not everyone, may be afraid of:

- That the baby is born with some disorder, anomaly or disability.

- Having to be alone with the baby and do everything right: bathe him, prepare and give him the bottle, make him sleep, calm him when he cries, etc.

- Not being able to secure everything necessary for your family and reach the end of the month with all expenses controlled.

- That the baby is the center of the couple's life. They consider that social life is important for the family and that each one should continue to do other activities than just changing diapers, etc.

- Let the baby take away your sleep. For some men, sleep is more than a necessity.

- That the house that both he and his wife took care of, become messy and neglected.

- That the baby misses you at some point. Being a good father and being recognized by your child is important to him.

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