Causes of diarrhea during pregnancy

Causes of diarrhea during pregnancy

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Diarrhea is defined as a change in the number of bowel movements (more than usual) and / or a change in their characteristics: the stool becomes soft or watery, and is usually accompanied by an increased urge to go to the toilet. .

During pregnancy, episodes of diarrhea may appear, which are generally not serious. Sometimes, during the nine months, there are women who report that they have a change in their bowel habits, going much more to the bathroom than usual. Although the most common is to present the opposite picture, that is, constipation due to pregnancy hormones, the iron that some take ...

As a general rule, these episodes of diarrhea are not usually serious unless they are accompanied by blood in the stool, fever, and abdominal pain.

Some experts point to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy as the 'culprits' of diarrhea. We go on to analyze other possible factors:

1. Nausea or stomach heaviness: nausea, digestion problems or vomiting cause food to not digest well in the stomach, being diarrhea in pregnancy a consequence of poor digestion of food.

2. Changes in diet: It may happen that the woman changes her diet to a healthier one or chooses to consume foods with a large amount of fiber to avoid the typical constipation of pregnancy. However, the increased intake of fruits and vegetables can cause diarrhea in pregnancy. It is a temporary reaction of the body, which will disappear after a few days.

3. Lactose intolerance: Because many women increase their milk consumption (to avoid heartburn, for example), they can develop an episode of lactose intolerance, which in turn manifests as diarrhea. If you suspect that this may be the reason for your diarrhea in pregnancy, you can try to stop drinking milk (but continue taking foods with calcium) to see if your bowel movements are normal again.

4. Prenatal vitamins or medication: Prenatal vitamins or certain medications during pregnancy can cause changes in bowel movements. In the case of multivitamins, these contain some principles can be the cause of diarrhea in pregnancy but also iron, which causes constipation.

5. Viruses, bacteria and diseases: stomach viruses or food poisoning are a major cause of diarrhea in pregnant women, who may be more vulnerable to such attacks. Also, women who have problems such as inflamed intestines, irritable bowel syndrome, or diverticulitis may experience occasional or chronic diarrhea during their pregnancy.

Diarrhea in pregnancy can be prevented if the mother maintains a balanced diet and follows a series of basic hygiene rules. As for food, it is necessary not to binge in one sitting, eat in clean places and wash the fruits or vegetables that are going to be consumed, and if they have skin they should be peeled. If you are going to eat in unusual places, drink only bottled water and do not order dishes or condiments that you are not used to.

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