The most appropriate diet for hyperactive children

The most appropriate diet for hyperactive children

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Many factors influence the development of a child with ADHD, including diet. Special care must be taken with the feeding of a hyperactive child because depending on what foods predominate, we can alleviate the consequences of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We have some dietary guidelines for hyperactive kids.

When we talk about hyperactivityWe are talking about problems of attention, impulsivity and uncontrolled energy, fundamentally, attitudes that show an irritation of the nervous system. With this in mind, we can better understand the importance of eating in hyperactive children.

In the same way there is food that promote nerves and anxiety, there are other foods more recommended for children with ADHD. Vegetable oils, fish such as salmon or tuna, tomatoes, soybeans, nuts, citrus fruits, vegetables or red fruits are ideal foods to reduce the nervousness and agitation characteristic of hyperactive children.

It is refined sugars, fats and, especially industrial pastries, which we must remove from the children's diet by all means, especially in cases of hyperactivity. This type of food favors nervous behavior and irritation, as well as stress of the child.

A healthy and balanced diet is the ideal diet for any child, but it is even more important in children with ADHD, since these children also tend to have eating problems derived from, for example, lack of chewing or anxiety when eating. That is why it is important to establish dietary guidelines that help the hyperactive child to improve his relationship with food.

A good idea to sweeten foods without having to resort to sugar it is honey, which can also be the main element of any dessert. We can also involve the child in preparing meals, with children's recipes that are easy to make, healthy and fun. And a good atmosphere at the table is essential so that the child does not get nervous when it comes to eating.

Sitting at the table without arguments, without rushing, with the whole family gathered and having meal times regulated are essential conditions to reduce the agitation of the hyperactive child.

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