What is a baby shower party

What is a baby shower party

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The baby arrival It is a special event that many families want to celebrate in style. Due to the difficulty of having a party with a newborn, the baby shower is that moment of celebration prior to birth.

The baby shower Its main mission is to celebrate the baby's arrival, entertain the future mother, provide the best advice and provide parents with the basic products that the baby will need in its first months of life. They are the baby shower gifts.

Many people think that the baby shower is a celebration imported from the USA in the style of Halloween, but it is not. The roots of the baby shower can be traced back to ancient Rome or the Egyptian civilization and it is a party that is organized in many places in the world. In recent years, the baby shower is being implemented strongly also in Spain Despite the old belief of not giving anything to the parents until the baby is born.

Having overcome certain cultural prejudices, today most families opt for the baby shower as a way to celebrate the baby's arrival and as an opportunity to get everything you need during the first months, from the baby's crib to the clothes through the obligatory diapers. Any gift will be welcome for a baby who is about to arrive.

We say that it is about to arrive because the baby shower is organized in the last trimester of pregnancy, when the future mother is ready to welcome the baby but when she still has enough freedom of movement to enjoy a good party. If before the baby shower was organized only for new momsToday it is customary to have a baby shower with each new member of the family.

The baby shower can be organized in the house of the future mother and family, friends, co-workers or those closest to you are invited. Before it was an exclusive celebration for women, but luckily there are more and more frequent mixed baby shower in which the future dad and the more experienced dads can also get involved in the party.

Like any party, at the baby shower there is food and drink that each guest can bring. Gifts for the baby cannot be lacking, ensuring that the family has everything they need for the first months. In a good baby shower, there is also advice for the future mother and the laughs are guaranteed with the different games that are proposed at the party.

Games are essential for a good baby shower and that the future mother has a unforgettable day enjoying the baby's arrival in advance. Making lists with baby names, guessing how big the future mother's belly is, having a bottle drinking championship or trying different baby foods are some of the most frequent proposals for this type of celebration.

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