A rap for the parents of a talented dad

A rap for the parents of a talented dad

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'Being a father is hard, but it's the most beautiful thing.' It is a direct, sincere and clear message. From father to father. Rapper 'Faust Napoleon XXL' entered the contest Ecuador has talent with this song: 'Father'. Rap, full of messages, reached the heart of the public.

'Fausto XXL' achieved its two objectives: to pass the first qualifying round of the talent show and to leave a global message, for the whole planet, addressed to all parents who forget the most important thing: educate their children.

Faust Napoleon managed in just three minutes to move the hearts of all those who were listening. His song was not dazzling because of the music or the rhythm. His power resided in the letter. A clear and universal message: father is the one who is involved daily in the education of his children. The talented contestant from Ecuador went smoothly to the next phase. His song was well worth it.

The lyrics contain an emotional message, which will shake the consciences of many. Here you have it:

'Father: what a beautiful word you hear. It sounds like a man who lasted for his family because his father is not the one who makes him pregnant and leaves his face. Father is the one who raises, the one who teaches and the one who educates.

The father is not the one who pays the food judgment, he is the one who, when his son cries, calms his lament. He's not the one who makes the girl a mother. Father is the one who takes responsibility for his son.

And perhaps for many this does not fit, but if you are a father, try to be a good father. Imagine that you are a son and therefore you have a father who never visits you. Well, in you it goes smoothly. Well, he's in love and not with your mother really, but with a girl who has a son your age, what a coincidence! The difference is that he has the opportunity to share with your dad the time that he does not give you.

And don't say that they don't have a second to visit your son ... how is your daughter? Tell me, I hear you. You haven't seen her for a long time. He sure misses you a lot.

Because a father can be the one who wears a cassock, but more of a father is the father who becomes corduroy from his daughter. Father is not the man who stays with you a week or the one who remembers his son for a weekend.

The one who says that he is the easy father is crazy, because being a father is hard, but it is the most beautiful thing.

I wrote this song for the one who is a father and for that woman who plays the role of father and mother, the one who works as a man because her man did not take responsibility for his children like a man. And I won't say his name, but don't be surprised if one day your children call another man daddy. Well, the fault will be yours because you left and lost your children, the most beautiful thing you had.

But even sadder is that a mother leaves her child to the father, because with the father one can already become father, but tell me compadre who gives him that motherly love ... Nobody! '

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