Laughter: a cure for family tensions

Laughter: a cure for family tensions

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They say that laughter prevents and cures ills. We should encourage our children to laugh to haggle over stress, tasks and obligations, without this implying the abandonment of responsible behaviors.

I remember something from a movie I saw: Pach Adam, it was a story based on real events that told the story of a young doctor who, fed up with seeing the dehumanized treatment of patients in hospitals, develops his own healing method based on listening , talk and make his patients laugh, providing, in addition to medical treatment, spiritual support. In reality, this doctor was one of the pioneers in the use of laughter therapy, so fashionable today, obtaining surprising results.

The truth is that with children this task is not very complicated because they are always willing to have a good time laughing out loud. My daughter sometimes laughs so hard that she pees herself. We should learn from our children the naturalness, sincerity and joy with which they smile and laugh, letting them release their tensions and fears through a while of laughter, play or tickling.

We too should learn and teach our children to trivialize situations of anxiety or conflict and to laugh at ourselves, something that is equally beneficial to the family. Many organizations work in favor of providing children with a smile, even in very difficult situations such as war and disease, and children, although it may surprise adults, are always ready to smile and laugh.

When one of my children is very sad because of an incident with their siblings or because they are unwell, my husband always tries to make them laugh, and he always, always succeeds. Although they end up smiling, they always feel a certain anger at their weakness for not being able to hold back laughter and not being able to be the object of our compassion any longer. In every house we have our ups and downs, but we must not forget that point of humor that makes us trivialize difficulties and overcome our sadness. The sense of humor is one of the fundamental bases to achieve happiness.

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