The only son

The only son

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It has always been said that the concept of an only child is associated with extreme protection and bad education. However, today the landscape of this situation is changing. Research goes so far as to ensure that a child who is an only child has more qualities than defects. Before, the only child had a reputation for being the center of the universe, for being selfish, spoiled and rebellious. Today the positive side of the situation is appreciated. The child is considered a normal person, regardless of whether he is unique or not.

According to the Argentine psychologist Gabriela Ensinck, the fact of being an only child is not an element that alone defines the future of a child. His evolution, like that of any other, depends on the education his parents give him. An only child can develop as healthy as a child with siblings. Some problems that children experience, such as dependence on parents, consent, overprotection, introversion, etc., are not only characteristics of only children. They are due, most of the time, to the way parents educate them.

Today, between 20 and 30 percent of couples have only one child. Many families decide to have only one child for different reasons. First, having only one child gives the mother more opportunities to work outside the home. Second, many parents do not have the desired number of two or three children due to an anticipated marriage breakdown. Third, infertility, which prevents the birth of more children. And in China the situation is special. The government limits the population by forcing families to have only one child.

- On the one hand, for families it represents half the worries and half the expenses.

- It is also possible to take better care of the child and give him more opportunities and facilities in life. There are experts who affirm that only children have more capacity to be successful in life.

- They consider that the child lives with a lesser burden of anxiety because they do not have to dispute the space or the attention of their parents. Which at the same time is an inconvenience because the child does not learn to share. Everything belongs to him.

- The problem with growing up without siblings is that all expectations and family demands will be placed on him. Perhaps that is why some studies indicate that an only child grows up with ideas of a winner, because his parents project their own illusions on him and always demand that he give the best of himself.

- The only child is the one who will suffer the fears and mistakes of his parents. You will have no one to share them with. And also, they may get a little more bored than usual. But nothing is that final. Both only children and those with siblings go through the same situations.

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