A 6-year-old girl's lesson to her mother

A 6-year-old girl's lesson to her mother

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'If I can be good, I think we can all be good.' It is the phrase of Tiana, a 6-year-old little philosopher, who one day surprised her mother with this clear, direct and well-organized speech.

Tiana had seen her parents argue (her mother is a single mother) and she wanted to ask her something: 'I want you, mother and father, to all be friends'.

Many will say that the speech is too mature for a 6-year-old girl. Perhaps many think that the video is faked, that someone made them learn these words. Of course, if this is true, we are dealing with the best 6-year-old actress in a long time. Every word Tiana says in this video seems to come from her heart.

In this recording, the little girl talks to her mother, and says something like these:

- 'Mom, are you ready to be her friend (referring to her father, from whom she is separated). You don't have to force things to be friends. I want everything to be calm, ok? Try it. I don't want you and dad to be bad again. I want you and Dad to calm down and be friends. '

- 'Try not to be above him. If they want to be friends, they must be on the same level. I don't want you and Dad to be angry again. I want you and dad to be calm and be friends. '

- 'I want everyone to smile, not to be crazy. Whenever I see someone, I want them to smile. '

- 'This is for dad and you, mom: I want you to be able to calm down, calm your nerves both of you, ok?'

- 'I don't want to be unpleasant, I try not to be rude. I try to keep my feet on the ground, not to fall apart, but to stay in the middle, where my heart is. My heart matters. Everyone's heart matters. And if we live in a world where everyone is disgusting ... Everyone is going to be monsters in the future! We need everyone to be a person, everyone! Including me and my mother. '

- 'I think we should all calm down. Nothing more. I want us all to be as good as we can be. Nothing more'.

The video ends with a moved mother, a kiss, and those two words that we should say more often and forget too often: 'I love you'.

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