The singing roosters. Short poetry for children

The singing roosters. Short poetry for children

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Rhyming poetry is an excellent learning tool for young children. You can use it to transmit values, as in this case of the singing roosters.

This is the story of two smug narcissistic cocks who competed among themselves to see who sang more and better. Faced with the threat of their masters to get rid of them, they decided to stop competing. From humility, they agreed and divided the days and hours of singing. One day they sang together, and then they reached the most beautiful of songs. In this way, together, much better. Discuss with your children pride, arrogance, humility and teamwork.

In a very distant town

two farms together there were,

each with her rooster

that their fights had.

At dawn they sang

the two roosters at the same time,

every day a little earlier

every day after a while.

There was a time in town

that nobody could sleep,

Well, the roosters all day

they sang the kikiriki.

Day and night they sang

each one more boasted

of their songs, of their dances,

of the voices they had.

The two farmers very fed up

they warned the roosters,

than to continue with their songs

they will throw them into the pot.

The very stretched cocks

in their posture they continued,

driving people crazy

with their songs still.

The farmers did not sleep,

and so tired they were,

that one night without thinking

they were thrown into the pot.

The roosters very scared,

they decided to try,

finally agree

to sing again.

On Mondays, one sang,

on Tuesday, the other sang,

until Sunday

that each one sang a little.

The Rested Farmers

they could already sleep,

of the voices of their roosters

they start to show off.

They have taken them to a contest,

after so much rehearsal

they have decided together

get involved.

The first prize they have won,

so well they give the recital,

that happy farmers

they are going to congratulate them.

The very proud roosters,

to the town they will sing,

Only four to five,

do not get tired!

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