How to announce pregnancy to father in an original way

How to announce pregnancy to father in an original way

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How did you communicate that you were pregnant to your environment? And to your father? I didn't do anything special, my husband and I waited together for the pregnancy test result. We showed the rest of the family an ultrasound of the baby to 'connect the dots'. However, there are such creative and original people who decide organize something very special to communicate the good news.

This is the case of an American couple whose video has gone viral on YouTube. She gives a box to her boy who hopes to receive an Apple Watch, one of the most valued watches by lovers of technological gadgets whose value ranges around 350 dollars. But when opening it, there was no such clock but a tyou are positive for pregnancy. The man is made to cry inconsolably at the emotion of having received the best gift of his life.

There are many other ways to communicate to the couple that there is a baby on the way, these are some very original:

- Make a gift to dad, like a T-shirt that says: 'I'm going to be a dad' or a pacifier with the inscription 'I love my dad'.

- Spread toys on the floor and tell him when he comes home: 'where do you think we can put all these toys for our baby?'

- Buy a children's piggy bank and put it on their table with a sign that says: 'savings for college'.

- Write a letter and put it in the mailbox in the name of the father, in it a little baby announces that he will be the next tenant. He will arrive in 9 months because at the moment he is very comfortable in a tiny apartment, a little dark but very pleasant.

- Put on your computer a wallpaper with a baby or an ultrasound.

- The treasure hunt: leave clues around the house that finally reach a box containing the pregnancy test.

- Like in that movie: 'honey, can you pass me the butter? I'm pregnant'.

- Record a CD for the car full of children's songs.

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