Lack of sleep can cause obesity in children

Lack of sleep can cause obesity in children

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Everything is fattening, to a greater or lesser extent, but it is fattening. Why are we going to fool ourselves? However, it's not just fatty or high-calorie foods that make kids fat. Apart from food, genetic inheritance, lack of physical exercise, as well as lack of sleep should also be considered as a cause of childhood obesity. That's what the latest studies on obesity in children reveal.

Sleep somehow exerts a regulatory function on the body weight of children. As a child, my daughter always slept well and although she was not one of the girls who did a lot of physical exercise, she was always thin. Over time, the difficulties began to fall asleep and there he began to gain weight because during the day he had more appetite. It is clear that there is a direct cause-effect relationship between the amount of sleep and childhood obesity.

How to regulate children's hours and hours of sleep? A bad habit at bedtime, as well as a poor diet, are major causes of childhood obesity. The hormones that control growth and appetite are produced during the hours of sleep, so the lack of this can cause some imbalances in the body of children. Children who sleep little and who eat inadequately can become obese.

Lack of sleep can not only make children fat but also decrease their ability to concentrate and attention, alter their behavior making them more irritable and nervous, and increase the possibility of getting sick as their immune defenses will be lower. For this and other reasons, it is very important to create good sleep habits in children from an early age, as well as avoid activities such as watching television, being on the computer or playing electronic games, hours before they go to school. bed. Instead, it is best for children to get into the habit of reading a book or song before bed. They will fall asleep faster and better.

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