Easy puff pastry canapes for the whole family

Easy puff pastry canapes for the whole family

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Canapes are a very rich and versatile resource, ideal to make for children's parties, Christmas dinner, or family reunions. In We teach you how to make canapés or puff pastry starters filled with different foods that will be the delight of the whole family. An aperitif that is easy to prepare and that is a success at any table.

On our site we propose different types of canapés made with puff pastry, both sweet and savory so that you can make them at home.

Sausage rolls with puff pastry. Recipe for sausage rolls with puff pastry for the birthday party, for the children's snack or dinner. A recipe to make with the little ones in the house.

Meat pies with puff pastry. Meat patties. Easy, fast, creative and different recipe to eat. our site teaches you how to make a traditional minced meat dish that children will love. Ideal for children's lunch or dinner.

Tuna puff pastry spirals. When you have to organize a birthday party or any other type, choose the spirals stuffed with tuna, a recipe for children with which you will succeed. easy tuna rolls recipe

Spirals of ham and cheese with puff pastry. These ham and cheese spirals are an easy appetizer that ticks all the boxes for a family dinner and party success. A safe bet for children. Easy recipe for puff pastry spirals with ham and cheese

Christmas tart with puff pastry. Christmas canapes shaped like a Christmas tree. Learn with our site to prepare original appetizers and starters for Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner. Canapes for children. Christmas fir-shaped tartlet.

Puff pastry canape with chocolate. With the puff pastry you can make some simple and very easy desserts to cook with children, such as the puff pastry delights filled with chocolate, for a very special snack.

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