Children's complaints and dislikes with school menus

Children's complaints and dislikes with school menus

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We are always talking about how important a healthy and balanced diet is for children, how essential food hygiene is to avoid diseases and even so, we continue to receive complaints and news about school menus, about the lack of quality in the food they serve our children at school.

There is not a year that my daughter, as well as her friends who go to the same school or to another, do not stop complaining about the food they serve at their school. At the beginning of the Primary year, they used to come telling them that they were served cold vegetable purees, fish with bones and even San Jacobo as hard as shoe soles. I made several complaints but to no avail.

I can't quite understand why we pay so dearly for school menus, approximately 5 euros per meal, and that children continue to complain about such fundamental things as quality, temperature, safety, care and hygiene of food. Will catering be just a pure business?

On one occasion, a catering company that served a Nursery and Primary school was sanctioned with almost 8 thousand euros, in whose children's menu they were found some worm larvae.

The company, named Ibagar, alleged that the larvae came from an untreated pepper, in which no pesticides had been used and that therefore did not offer any type of intoxication since the food was served at more than 80 degrees. Please, if my daughter has already told me that in her dining room, there are days when children complain that the food smells and tastes terrible, and that even the caretaker in the dining room forgives them if they do not eat it ...

I have heard about everything about school canteens. If feathers are found in chicken thighs, some hair in soups ... And I wonder: how long will that continue? Why is the food served to teachers different? Wouldn't it be nice to start fighting childhood obesity there?

When it comes to feeding children, it is not just about presenting a varied menu valued by nutritionists. We have the right, and not only for what we pay, to demand that our little ones eat food that is well handled, cared for and served. I don't think parents, like me, leave their children to the dining room just because they want to, but out of necessity. For this reason, from this little corner, I ask companies, as well as the competent authorities, to better monitor what they eat and the way our little ones eat. And that we receive more information about the process followed from the kitchen until the food is served to the children.

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