Natural remedies for dry baby skin

Natural remedies for dry baby skin

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Many babies have Dry Skin. But this problem has a solution. It is necessary to know natural remedies that help your skin to be better than ever.

External factors can contribute to a child's skin drying out, as well as the fact that the bath time excessive or that babies are exposed to sudden changes in temperature. But how to fix it?

Babies can have Dry skin for multiple reasons: because its sensitivity to the dermis is greater and that can be affected by external agents such as cold, air conditioning, heating, or changes in temperature when going from heat to cold or vice versa, by a excess exposure to sunlight, pool chlorine, sea water or even contact with the sand on the beach ... All these factors make the child's skin may be drier than usual. To solve it, nothing better than consulting home remedies that end with dryness.

1. Using humidifier: When the house is excessively hot, the skin can become dry, both that of adults and children. For this reason, both in winter and in summer it is necessary to have a humidifier on hand that keeps the temperature of the home humid but constant.

2. The olive oil: One of the best remedies for dryness is olive oil. This component is rich in vitamins K and E and it has antioxidants that make the dermis able to absorb these properties and be less dry. It is advisable to use it in small doses as a massage, which will make the area impregnated and less dry, and we can apply it with two fingers giving the baby a gentle massage.

3. Control of bath time and soapsAlthough hygiene is one of the most important factors for the health and life of babies, too much bath time could contribute to the return of dryness. More than 10 minutes could make kids' skin drier than before. In addition to the bath time, the water temperature It is very important, and it is always advisable to do it with warm water, which is not excessively hot nor too cold. In addition, at this point we also have to take into account that using soaps that do not carry neutral Ph can also dry the child's skin, so it is better to use those that are as natural as possible and never use soaps every day.

4. Using oatmeal:Oatmeal carries properties that reduce skin irritability. The best thing is to buy natural oats that we can find in a supermarket and mix it with water so that it ends up softening. This can form a mass that we can use as a natural mask to end the annoying dryness.

5. Peppermint infusion: A home remedy that can help our baby's skin a lot is the peppermint infusion. It is a medicinal plant that has relaxing properties and is very useful in the case of colic or stomach problems, and also helps with respiratory problems. In the case of the skin, it is also very effective because it helps the feeling of dryness to calm down and the dermis to be much more relaxed, because it is also anti-inflammatory and helps the skin to be in better condition.

6. Skin rinsing after chlorine or salt: On days at the beach or pool, when babies begin to have contact with water, it is quite likely that traces of sea salt or chlorine remain in their dermis. Before showering, or while continuing the day, it is necessary that with lukewarm water we try to remove both chlorine and sea salt.

7. Chamomile extract: Besides being good as a home remedy for other intestinal aspects, because it protects the stomach, the chamomile It can also be beneficial for the baby's skin. Chamomile is a medicinal plant with soothing action, which is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. To use it against dryness, it is necessary to prepare it with the help of water and let it cool down. Then, it is necessary that we use a fine cotton, and with it we can go over the driest areas of the child's skin so that they regain their elasticity.

If the dryness of the baby's skin persists despite the home remedies, and it has nothing to do with external factors, the environment or changes in temperature, it is necessary to see a pediatrician. Many babies can have skin problems that lead to dryness and that have to do with dermatitis, or the redness of the diaper area due to its use or even eczema.

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