When does obesity in children really start?

When does obesity in children really start?

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A child does not become obese overnight. Obesity is the result of a bad eating habit that, according to experts, begins when the baby is still sleeping in the crib.

A stable family environment and a good food education can prevent the baby from suffering from obesity over the years and that in the long run can reduce life expectancy.

Obesity continues to grow. Only in Spain, one in three children between 3 and 12 years of age, are overweight, that is, he weighs more than he should at his age. This is the result of an investigation carried out with more than 26 thousand children in 29 Spanish cities, and which also reveals that the relationship of children with food is cultivated in the cradle. It is in the first three years of a child's life when eating behavior is defined and also the risk that it allows health problems over the years.

The study, presented by the Thao Foundation, In collaboration with the Spanish Nutrition Foundation and some Spanish universities, reveals that almost 30 percent of Spanish children are overweight or obese. Almost 10 percent corresponds to children between three and five years of age, which leads to the conclusion that the problem of obesity must be fought in the first years of the baby's life. Obesity, according to the study, affects girls more, although its causes have yet to be defined.

The overweight of children is linked to eating habits and not to heredity. The scientific director of the Thao Foundation, Rafael Casas, recalls that the first years of life are a crucial period in the acquisition of eating habits. He highlights three crucial moments in getting babies to reach five years of normal weight:

1- When the baby develops his preference for flavors. It is essential that parents get involved and accompany their children to discover new flavors.

2- When you self-regulate your food intake. Parents must regulate the satiety of the baby.

3- When the family and cultural instructions about food and physical activity arrive. When babies stop breastfeeding and come into contact with complementary feeding, it does not mean that they have to eat like adults. There are also families that make a mistake in using food as a reward.

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