Red tape after the baby's arrival I

Red tape after the baby's arrival I

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When a baby is born, parents must organize ourselves to carry out a series of administrative procedures in the Civil registration, on the Social Security and in the town hall. They are necessary to turn the newborn baby into a citizen with all his rights and duties. our site gives you a comprehensive guide on how and when to register your newborn baby.

Registration is mandatory. It should be done between 24 hours and 8 days after delivery. In case of force majeure, there are 30 days. The newborn can be enrolled in the Civil registration of the place of birth or in the domicile of the parents.

Follow the step by step of how parents can organize themselves, even before giving birth to their baby:

- At the end of pregnancy, the forms can be gathered to prepare them. After the birth, you just have to deliver them.
- If the couple is married, with the presence of the father will be enough to make the arrangements.
- If the parents are not marriedThey will have to wait for the mother to be discharged to start the procedures because their presence is mandatory.
- An agency can handle almost all the formalities related to the birth of a baby. The price ranges between 30 and 70 euros, and includes from the registration of the newborn in the Registry to the application for financial aid.

- If the parents are married, the father can be ordered because the mother's presence is not necessary.
- If they are not married, the father and mother must go to the Civil Registry together.
- If either of the two is divorced, you must present the final judgment of separation or divorce.

What documentation must be submitted pTo register the baby where he was born?

- The original part of the Maternity (yellow papers that are given in the hospital). It consists of the application for registration, the data sheet for the National Institute of Statistics and a medical report.
- Original DNI and photocopy of the father and mother, (both DNI must include the current address, if not, carry registration certificate).
- Original Family Book for registration.

To register the baby where the parents are registered:

- All the documentation mentioned in the previous section.
- The couple's registration certificate, if the municipality where the registration is to be carried out does not appear on the DNI.
- A certificate that the child has not been registered in the town where he was born, through the hospital (this must be requested at the center's address before discharge).
- The father and mother must go to the Registry together.

When is the documentation collected?

In most of the Civil Registries the inscription is immediate, but others, the Family Book cannot be collected until after a few weeks. Until then, a Draft Registry Entry is delivered so that parents can carry out the other procedures.

In many municipalities, registration by birth in the municipal register is done automatically, once communication is received from the Civil Registry. This process is slow and to make it faster, parents prefer to apply for discharge themselves.

Who should carry out the procedure?
- Any relative with their ID, original and copy.
- The father or mother, or a third party with authorization.

Where to register the baby?
- In the town hall where the parents are registered.
- At least one of them must be registered in the same address as the newborn, since a minor cannot be registered alone.

How to register the baby in the Municipal Register?
- Go to the registry office and present the original of the Family Book.
- In some town halls, it can even be done by post, downloading the form through your town council's website.
- In the Civil Registry they offer to do it.

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