What children learn at the age of 5

What children learn at the age of 5

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5-year-olds are becoming more social, have real friends, and understand what triggers reactions and feelings. At this age they have great coordination and can perform high-energy activities.

Although all children are different and each one develops at a rate, the reality is that at this age, 5-year-olds have some skills in common and also begin to develop some important skills for self-esteem and learning.

1. Will be able to solve creative and abstract problems.

2. They are able to express their opinions and ask complex questions to find out what options are available to them.

3. They prefer to do activities that involve other children because they are social.

4. Can speak clearly with complex and compound sentences, have good vocabulary. They know how to wait their turn and have conversations with one person or in a group.

5. They advance not only in oral language but also in writing. They know that letters represent sounds in spoken words. For this reason they will pronounce accurately and write according to sounds.

6. They have a lot of imagination and can tell totally made-up stories.

7. They understand shapes and numbers better so they have greater counting capacity, do simple addition and subtraction and are even able to identify the largest number from the smallest.

8. They begin to understand how the world works.

9. They begin to tell and understand time and the social concept of time.

10. At this age they have well-controlled gross and fine motor skills so they can ride a bicycle, swim, jump rope, play with a ball, run and also control writing with precision, paint, dress and undress dolls, etc. .

11. Can understand feelings and handle them more independently. They will be able to calm down on their own or negotiate to resolve a conflict before seeking an adult.

12. It is curious about everything that happens in the world and that is why they ask 'why' of everything.

Children at this age they are curious and want to know about everything around them, an aspect that, far from stopping it, must be promoted and nurtured so that in the future they can continue to develop good critical thinking. He also begins to understand what roles are and to apply it in symbolic play.

It is important to teach them to express their feelings so that they understand their emotions and so that as they grow older they can manage their emotions and be able to express their emotions in any circumstance.

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