How to explain to children why the dinosaurs disappeared

How to explain to children why the dinosaurs disappeared

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If there is something that fascinates children, it is the appearance of dinosaurs, his behavior on Earth and also his sudden disappearance. Many children do not wonder why dinosaurs lived in the same place we step on now, but they are curious that we can no longer see them.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account how we can explain to our children the disappearance of dinosaurs in an easy and simple way to satisfy your funny 'whys'.

For years, research pointed to two possibilities regarding the disappearance of dinosaurs: either, it was all due to the impact of a volcano or yet asteroid. Finally, scientists were inclined that the second option was the 'culprit' of the extinction of the dinosaur species 65 million years ago and the volcano was ruled out, claiming that these eruptions could not have raze in the way that happened with the asteroid.

The first thing to understand is that dinosaurs They were not alone when they ceased to exist, they were not the only species but they did suffer worse fate than other animals such as birds or crocodiles, with whom they coexisted and who were saved. For 160 million years, dinosaurs were the species that dominated the rest, and the impact of a meteorite, specifically a asteroid that struck the Earth, caused a extinction massive of half the species that lived on the planet.

The meteorite in question, according to experts, carried a force one billion more than an atomic bomb, which caused the temperature to change in a few days to such an extent that the planet became icy and earthquakes and tsunamis occurred in the land.

Other scientists, however, continue to maintain that it was actually the progressive change in temperature and the rise in sea level that was gradually ending the dinosaurs, a climate change caused or by that hypothetical impact of the asteroid.

But before his disappearance, the dinosaurs they were the true kings of planet Earth. They lived with other animals such as frogs, snakes or turtles, as well as certain types of birds, but they were the dominant species at all times.

The epochs in which the dinosaurs lived were divided into three within the Mesozoic era: Triassic, Jurassic Y Cretaceous. In them, species as fascinating as the Triceratops, Diplodocus or Tyranosaurus Y Velociraptors were the dominant ones, although experts point out that the first species of dinosaurs was the Eoraptor. The climate in which the dinosaurs lived was prone to them, a continental temperature and -hot summers and very cold winters-, where carnivores like the Spinosaurus or herbivores like Brontosaurus, who did not eat meat and ate the vegetables that were on Earth.

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