Advantages of homeopathy in children

Advantages of homeopathy in children

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Homeopathy seeks for the body itself, with the help of small amounts of healing substances, to stimulate itself and achieve a cure. It is based on natural substances that have been diluted multiple times in order to achieve a very smooth, but effective product.

Homeopathy is based on the law of similarity, which consists of administering small doses that, in large quantities, would be toxic to the patient and could make them sick. Homeopathy cures by producing the symptoms for which it becomes ill, but in such small quantities that our body hardly perceives them. In this sense, this alternative therapy follows the same mechanisms as vaccines.

1. It is a safe medicine. It is important that the medicines that we administer to our children do not present potentially adverse effects. Homeopathic medicines are made from herbs, some minerals and a low dose of substances from the animal kingdom. They are medicines that do not affect digestion, do not lower the defenses, do not cause allergies and, in general, do not cause any harm to children, even if we use them for a long time.

2. It is an effective and fast medicine Homeopaths observe that homeopathic medicine responds very quickly to treatments. It is an effective medicine for practically all types of common conditions, such as fever, cold, cough, and diarrhea, among others.

3. It is a natural medicine with scientific basis Homeopathy is based on the natural principle of healing which says that 'the similar cures the similar'. The effectiveness of homeopathy can be scientifically proven, thanks to its use over 200 years.

4. It is a medicine that strengthens the defenses of children Childhood infections appear, many times, due to the low defenses of children. Homeopathic treatments act at a deep level, at the root of the disease, associated with an increase in the defenses of children. Because homeopathy improves children's stamina, they stop being sick so often.

5. It is a child friendly medicine The taste of homeopathic globules is sweet and, therefore, they are more pleasant and are better accepted by children. Its absorption is fast and instantaneous. They dissolve quickly in water, milk or juices. Therefore, they are medicines that do not cause nausea or stomach pain. If medical guidelines are followed, homeopathy can be a great ally in the development of a healthy childhood resistant to disease.

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