Games for children to burn calories

Games for children to burn calories

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All children have right to play and to enjoy activities. In addition, if thanks to these exercises where fun is the main objective, children can be in shape, the potential is multiplied.

Beyond sports, children can Burn calories while they play, to maintain a healthy and balanced life in terms of physical activity, and to have fun without stopping moving for a second. If our children need to lose a little weight for health, nothing better than to do it Playing. Thus, in addition to having fun, they will get used to a life of the healthiest movement.

1. The handkerchief game:It is a classic in children's games. This activity consists of doing two teams and that there is a referee in the middle of both, who says the number that has to pick up the handkerchief until reaching the goal. Each of the team members will have chosen their number previously. This game helps burn calories because the races to the finish are often intense and competitive so that one of the two teams is the winner.

2. The mouse and the cat or cops and thieves: The function of the game, regardless of the name, is the same. It is about making two teams, where some chase and others are chased. The rules depend, as you can count one story or saying where some hide and others run to 'arrest' them in the case of the police, or to 'eat' them, as would happen to cats against mice. The races are insured.

3. The game of hide and seek:Apparently, playing hide and seek there is not much physical activity, since the game in question consists, as its name indicates, in hiding so that the child who does the countdown does not find him. However, to reach the goal and 'save' themselves, children must change their hiding place continuously, which makes them sneak around all the time and thus they will move, burning calories and releasing a lot of energy.

4. A fun dance: zumba. It is not a game in itself, but it can be an activity of a few minutes that helps our children to be in shape. Zumba is a type of dance with latin rhythms that has become very fashionable and that combines aerobic exercises with music tracking. Aerobic-style exercises with Zumba songs that can be bachata, salsa or merengue will have the children having a great time while burning calories.

5. The game of chairs:It is the simplest, since it consists of placing chairs in circle and they must be a smaller number than the number of children who are playing, with the seats out. Participants will walk or they will dance to the rhythm of the music let it ring, until it stops, when they must find a seat and try not to remain standing. Whoever does not get it will be disqualified, so the 'fight' for the seat will be close, since chairs are being removed as players lose, so that in the end there will be only one chair in which the winner who achieves it will sit.

6. The hula-hoop: It is one of the oldest games but also one of the most effective when it comes to getting in shape. The hula-hoop or the so-called hoop simply has multiple possibilities, and can be turned by putting it on the waist, on the arms or legs. In this way children will be able to test their skills psychomotor at the same time they experiment with their balance and maintain physical shape.

7. Jump the rope:As classic as it is effective when it comes to losing weight, or at least burning calories that the child does not need to be in shape. The rope or rope is a very old game, but with which you do a lot of exercise. Children can jump individually, with big or small jumps to strengthen the muscles. So that it does not seem like a gymnastic workout, the game can be done in a group. At each end of the rope is a child who makes it move, and several can jump inside. A healthy way to have fun and exercise.

8. The game of hopscotch: Finally, an easy and simple way for our children to burn calories while playing is hopscotch. This activity consists of drawing on the ground a diagram of ten squares with the help of chalk, on which the numbers are written. The children will have to throw the chalk as if it were a dice and go to collect it inside the square in which it has fallen by jumping with both feet or with the 'lame leg' until they reach it, in the square where they should not step. If it is not reached or falls, the turn will go to the next player.

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