The first cooking recipes for children

The first cooking recipes for children

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How good it is in the kitchen in winter! The heat of the fire and the stove attracts children a lot, especially when they are on the counter something to taste. But what if what they prove they have done? It is even richer. And is that cooking is an easy way to enhance the five senses of children, it helps us to express ourselves creatively, to work with our hands and to experiment with different textures, flavors and smells.

Cooking with children is a good way to stimulate children as it encourages attention, concentration, and creativity. At first, it can even be a magical activity for them because it allows them to mix ingredients to obtain delicious and appetizing dishes. As always, the payoff comes at the end when we taste the delicious dishes we just prepared.

However, before entering the kitchen with children, there are some rules that they have to learn to avoid accidents that can endanger their health. So, for example, the first rule is hygiene. Before starting to cook, always wash your hands carefully and wear an apron or old clothes that can get stained.

Children must be very clear that they must always cook with an adult. And they must also be careful with knives, fire and electrical appliances. They should always ask for help from an adult to light the fire and plug or unplug electrical appliances, or to handle and disassemble them.

Children should be reminded that the handles of the containers that are put on the fire, such as pans, saucepans or pots, must always be inside to avoid falling when passing by, for example, and that it is important to avoid touching them so as not to burn ourselves. Therefore, it is important to use mitts to remove dishes from the oven. Once the cooking or baking time of each dish is finished, it is important to turn off the heat and clean at the end, which although it is what we like least, is the most necessary so that the kitchen is well cleaned and disinfected for the next time we go. to use it.

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