Learn to write. How to initiate children in writing

Learn to write. How to initiate children in writing

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Technological advances lead us to write less by hand every day and more with the mobile, the computer or the tablet. In any case, writing and reading remain a basic learning for every human being. It is a way to transmit, exchange ideas, express what we feel or communicate.

Learning to write is essential, but be prepared for it too. Before being able to do this, it is necessary for the child to master and control his body, its movements, have manual dexterity and be able to move the hand or a stroke in a desired direction. In any case, it is not a matter of learning to write for the sake of it, but rather giving the child the necessary weapons to do so.

Currently the beginning of literacy is done in Early Childhood Education, when the child is 3, 4 and 5 years old. At this stage perform a first contact with writing that does not imply that at the end of the process you know how to read and write, but he will be able to make lines, he will have become familiar with pencils, crayons or pens and will have acquired dexterity with his hands. You will also be able to recognize some letters and even some words as your name.

The way you start to teach a child to write is graphomotricity, which is a graphic movement that we make by hand when writing or drawing. It is about learning to perform some movements with the hand to capture a line on paper and acquire eye-hand coordination in the process.

Some tips that can help the child:

- Prepare a relaxed and calm atmosphere, even with music that stimulates you to do so: fast for short strokes and smooth for long and undulating strokes.

- Before working with a pencil and paper it is good that the child begins to draw with his finger in the air, flour or sand, finger paint ...

- Teach the child to take the pencil correctly, to hold it between the fingers and to go sliding it on the paper.

- To gain manual dexterity, you must work the vertical, horizontal, oblique, circular, zig-zag lines. At home you can make templates first with dots that the child follows in his line and finally to complicate it with two dots that the child must join.

- Not pressuring the child is essential, the writing process covers 3 or 4 years and each child has its own rhythm.

- To learn to write you not only have to practice writing. Activities like drawing, painting, coloring, cutting out, doing hobbies like mazes or connecting the dots, will help the child to develop fine motor skills.

At 6 years of age, the school calendar contemplates learning to write and read in a formal way. Everything learned previously will help them in this stage in which they will begin to write complete words and even sentences. They will also be able to read, initially syllableing to gain agility and speed.

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