How to make up a Santa Claus reindeer child

How to make up a Santa Claus reindeer child

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Rudolph is one of the children's favorite Santa Claus reindeer, and also the reindeer costume is one of the most common at Christmas. If you are thinking of dressing up your son as a reindeer, in We offer you an idea so that the costume does not lack detail.

It is about making the child a Santa Claus reindeer makeup easily and quickly. Remember before doing the Christmas makeup, that you have to apply a mild moisturizer to the child. In addition, the makeup must be hypoallergenic and must be removed with soap and water before the child goes to sleep.

  • White makeup stick
  • Red makeup stick
  • Black outline pencil
  • Purpurin
  • Moisturizer
  • Sponge

1. Make two circles with the white bar around the eyes and fill the inside with it. You can help yourself with a sponge.

2. Make the horns from the nose and towards the forehead with the black outline pencil.

3. Paint the tip of the nose and lips with the red stick, apply a little white paint under the nose and make small whiskers with the black pencil.

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