10 fantastic tricks to make parents' lives easier

10 fantastic tricks to make parents' lives easier

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Sometimes the day to day with our children puts us to the test. Stains and more stains from spilled juice, a baby who won't stop crying because his teeth are coming out, your child's fear of monsters every night ...

Here are a series of tips and tricks that they will make your life easier. Surely one of you is very useful.

1. Decal with your phone:Write your phone number on his arm every time you go to areas with large crowds of people and, so that it does not fade, pass a layer of anti-scratch liquid over it ... It is the 'homemade' way of making your own decal.

2. Bracelet with your phone number: You can create a bracelet with your phone number and put it on your child when you go to areas with a lot of people. You can use, for example, beads ... look for them by numbers and make a personalized bracelet with your phone number. So your child can always carry it with him.

3. How to prevent juice staining: One of the children's favorite drinks, along with smoothies, is juice. But ... what happens almost always? That they end up getting lost! The solution: lift the flaps on the sides and teach him to grip them like handles.

4. Make a polo-pacifier: If your baby's mouth hurts a lot because his teeth are coming out, you can 'make' an ice lolly or ice cream with his pacifier. You just have to pour some juice into a glass and put the pacifier inside. In a few hours, you'll have a fantastic lollipop to relieve gum pain.

5. Get more closet space: And what about the little space that there is always in the cupboards? It's okay, you can gain more space if you put a ring from a can on each hanger ... and hang another hanger from it.

6. To save your recess snack: Did you have any packaging of DVD's or CDs left over? Do you know what you can use it for? To save your child's sandwich or snack for recess. It has to be round, of course.

7. To give medicine to a baby: How difficult is it to give medicine to a baby? The solution: You have to fit the dropper or syringe with the medicine into the nipple of a pacifier.

8. A template with standing up for shopping: Do you want to buy shoes for your son and you can't take him to try it on? Very easy. Tell him to plant the foot on a leaf and surround the foot with a marker… you will be creating a template. You just have to cut it out and you take it to the shoe store. If it fits in the shoe ... it will be perfect.

9. Make a monster scare spray: What is your child afraid of monsters? Create your own monster scare spray. Prepare a container with water and stick monster faces on it. Tell your child that you just bought an anti-monster spray. Fire the squirt gun… and voila!

10. How to teach him to hold the pencil well: Is there no way to hold the pen well? Give him a ball of paper. You have to prevent it from falling ... and hold the pen at the same time ... and now ... to write!

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